A good driver will greatly reduced the cost of driving. With Allied Driving Schools online course, you may learn and progress at your own pace.  You can do driver education whenever you want.  We are concerned about your life so we made the course an educational environment so you can learn and retain the information from the course. Our Drivers Education course is a Department Motor Vehicles approved course.  We offer an effective online course so you control your own pace.   We are very confident in our course. Allied Driving School is not just an online drivers education company.  Allied Driving School is a professional driving school with a physical office and live people to assist you and answer any questions you may have.  Learning to drive a car and driver education is a personal service and we feel that warrants live humans to assist you whenever possible. Allied Driving School understands that teens have many time constraints and some are unable to attend the traditional, instructor-taught classroom.  Allied Driving School offers both Traditional Classroom and Online Driver Education.  Both Our Driver Education Classroom and Online Course are approved by the California DMV. If you are having any problems with the online course or you change your mind once you start the online course, you may attend our classroom instead or you may attend a portion of our traditional class.  The upgrade cost is the difference between online and traditional classroom.  We want to help you learn as much as you can. Allied Driving School likes to give you as many choices as possible.  At this time it is not possible to integrate Online and Classroom. You may complete the online course for your completion certificate or attend the entire instructor-taught classroom for your completion certificate. Most high schools accept our driver education certificate for graduation credit, we do not charge for this credit.  If your high school does not accept our driver education certificate for graduation credit they are required by California state law to give you another class instead of driver education. Allied Driving School tries to make classroom enjoyable, fun and educational, so if you would rather do a traditional classroom call us and we can tell you our class schedule.  Call us about our Driver Education and Behind-the-Wheel training for Teens.  You may call us at (408) 972-4591 or (650) 368-2200.  You may also sign up online for our online driver education course. Thanks
Can I pick my certificate up in your office the same day I complete? YES If I walk in and pick up my certificate will you provide me with the DL44? YES Can you get me a free California DMV paper handbook? YES or DMV HANDBOOK PDF When I call will I be billed extra for a question? NO, we are here to help you When I am done with the course.  Do you offer In car training for me? YES, by licensed instructors
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